TCU has created a parking policy that complies with state law and ensures the fair use and distribution of parking spaces.  Non-compliance by TCU community members can negatively impact both visitors to our campus and persons who are in compliance.  To that end, compliance in all parking lots and spaces will be strictly enforced.

  • Fines and citations are issued 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • An indefinite number of parking citations will not be tolerated.
  • Persons who have been charged with three or more citations may be notified that their parking privileges are in jeopardy.
  • Employees who habitually ignore the parking rules and regulations set forth by the University and consistently receive parking citations may be referred to their Supervisor/Dean/Department Head.
  • Students who habitually ignore the parking rules and regulations set forth by the University and consistently receive parking citations may be referred to Campus Life.
  • Employees and students are responsible for any citation issued to their vehicles, regardless of who was driving the vehicle when the citation was issued.
  • Fines will be automatically charged to the employee/student account or may be paid for within 10 days of the citation being issued through the TCU T2 Parking Portal ( After 10 days the citation will be moved to your TCU account.
  • Non-TCU Associates must create a guest account and pay for citation fines through the TCU T2 Parking Portal (
  • The payment of fines for traffic citations does not remove citations from the record. Citations accumulate during the academic year.

How does the electronic ticketing system work?

Called T2, parking enforcement personnel (guards) use an automated device to scan the license plate, which pulls up the vehicle and records the violation. It prints out a citation and records it in the system. This also allows guards to take any applicable photos and attach them to the violation record.

How do I pay my electronic ticket?

Parking accounts can now be managed online. Once entered, the TCU user receives an email that they have received a parking violation. Users can view it and pay fines online with a credit card. It will remain payable on the parking portal for 10 days before being charged to the users’ TCU account.

What about appeals?

Appeals will now be submitted online. In addition guards having the ability to attach photos to the violation record, users can also submit photos to support their appeal.

Does the system track user history?

Yes. Guards entering citations, the Parking & Transportation office and the user can all view the history of the account.

Why do the citations look different?

The citations are now printed electronically on waterproof, rip-resistant thermal paper in order for citations to remain intact and legible in extreme weather conditions.

What is better about the electronic system?

In addition to some of the details discussed here, the overall benefit of the electronic system is to be more efficient with the monitoring of lots and to promote better compliance for those who pay to park on the TCU campus.

Are any other services available on the electronic system?

When the system is fully integrated for the fall, plans include ordering vehicle permits through the system and printing visitor or temporary parking passes.

  • Vehicles that have been charged with three (3) or more citations in the current academic year may be immobilized or towed. The owner of a vehicle towed from campus is responsible for all costs related to the towing and storage of the vehicle.
  • Vehicles illegally parked (regardless of the number of violations) are subject to being immobilized or towed when parked in or obstructing a fire lane, reserved space, handicap or handicap access space, overtime in a time-limited zone, blocking another vehicle in a parking space, or blocking a dumpster, driveway, aisle, entry or exit to any parking area.
  • If a vehicle has been towed or immobilized, the individual seeking release of the vehicle may obtain the necessary information from the TCU Police Department by calling 817-257-7777.
  • The University shall not, nor shall any of its authorized personnel, be liable or assume any responsibility for any loss or damage resulting from a vehicle being immobilized or towed.
  • ALL parking citation appeals must be submitted online.  Citation appeals will not be accepted in person or interoffice mail.  Exception:  a citation for “No Current Parking Permit” may be presented when purchasing a permit.  The citation fine will then be reduced to $20.00.
  • Employees and students can appeal a citation by signing into their TCU T2 Parking Portal ( account and selecting the citation on the account they would like to appeal
  • Students and employees have 10 DAYS to appeal a citation. Appeals will not be accepted after the 10 DAY deadline.
  • In lieu of meeting in person, those who want to appear before the Appeals Committee will be able to do so via Zoom.  All other appeals will be handled separately by the committee.
  • The decision by the committee is final and appeals cannot be resubmitted.
  • Appeal results will be sent via email. After the decision you will be given another 10 DAYS to pay for the citation through the TCU T2 Parking Portal ( before it is moved to your TCU account.