This FAQ provides faculty and staff with helpful information for parking on campus in 2023-2024. 

Shuttle service is now expanded and running from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday. Routes begin at Lot 4, and shuttles run in opposite directions around central campus, north and south bound down University and Stadium Drive. Two Groome Transportation transit vans will carry 10 passengers each.. The approximate wait time will be 10 to 15 minutes. Always consider that high-traffic areas of campus may slow down the routes during busy times, much like other vehicle traffic.


There are a few changes in this academic year. First, the shuttle service has been expanded. Read on for details. Also, Parking & Transportation is using a new signup system this year, which is connected with the electronic ticketing introduced in the spring. The system will also now offer the ability to receive your permit by mail if preferred (more below). Additionally, some lots are changing Parking & Transportation will also be spending the year preparing the campus community for changes in 2024-2025.

Generally, yes. Most assigned tier/lots will carry over from the previous year unless the employee requests a change. However, some lots are changing due to construction or realignment. Read on for more.

Because of the new electronic parking portal, all employees seeking a tiered assignment – regardless of last year’s status – are being asked to enter the “wait list.” In reality, this is establishing a list of requests, so Parking & Transportation can manually align that information with the employee’s current parking status, with the best effort to grant each request. Parking & Transportation is currently making its way through the list to assign everyone their tier in the system. Parking & Transportation will do their best to provide notice, but employees can check the portal regularly to see if their tier has been assigned. At that time, employees can go online and purchase the appropriate permit. After current assignments have been respected, other tier openings will be distributed to new requests. At this time, the number (or “place”) visible in the wait list does not impact how fast a permit is issued or the assignment.

Yes. Some lots are changing. A new economy option is being added, some Tier lots are being re-designated, and other lots are being impacted by construction. Read the map carefully for your area before choosing your permit type and read on for more clarification.

We acknowledge that this question was confusing. The reason it was asked was to determine those Tier 1 parkers currently using the east campus lots impacted by construction. It is not an indication of the type of permit people will receive or the lots they will be allowed to utilize.

The new residence halls coming to the east side of campus will overtake a parking lot behind the Neeley School of Business. Assess the updated parking map by permit type for your best option and select that permit option or enter the wait list via the online permit portal.

Enter the wait list, as mentioned above. If you are renewing your tier spot, do not pay for the general faculty/staff parking. If you did pay for the general faculty/staff parking but are awaiting your assignment, you may request a credit for the f/s permit.

Permits are being issued via a new website, Log on with your TCU username. Skip the box that says “CITATIONS” and look at the box that says “PERMITS.” From here, if you desire Tier 1, 2 or 3, select “Add/Edit Wait lists.” For any other type, select “Get Permits.” From there, you will select or enter vehicle information, payment information, etc.

Once you pay for your permit (after being notified of your tier, if applicable) permits can be picked up during business hours at TCU Parking & Transportation, located in the TCU Police Department. New this year, employees can request the parking decal be mailed right away by adding a $1.25 fee at the time of payment. Currently, only permits paid in full with a credit/ debit card can utilize the mailing option, there is an issue trying to place the permit and mailing fee on payroll deduction. We will update this FAQ once the issue has been corrected.

No and yes. There is no increase this year. The university transitioned to a tiered system in 2021-2022 but has held off on a price increase to give employees time to prepare. The university is still determining final price points but plans to implement a fee increase after this year. New for 2023-2024, TCU is implementing an “X” permit type that will allow employees a discounted option at remote locations. See the map.

There are three tiers designated for employee reserved parking: Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3, as well as the new X. Employees are permitted to park in their assigned tier or any lower tier if a space is not available. For example, if a Tier 2 permit holder does not have an available space after trying the multiple Tier 2 lots, they can try a Tier 3 lot or general faculty/staff parking. Regardless of tier, faculty/staff are never permitted to park in a visitor space.

Employees at TCU are on a fluid schedule. The campus employs shift workers, faculty who teach certain days or times of day, full-time employees who may utilize remote work at times, etc. It would not be the best use of campus parking to assign specific spaces or even lots because of days and/or hours they might go unused. A tiered system, however, allows for flexibility and best use of space.

Additionally, employees enjoy the added convenience of a tiered lot no matter where they might be on campus. Teach a class in different buildings or have meetings across campus? The tiered status follows employees throughout the property.

Apply for the parking decal using the temporary license plate number (any other entry in this field will cause the application to be denied). Once your permanent license plate arrives, email the TCU Parking Department with your TCU ID Number and permanent plate number to update your account.

The TCU Police Department is open 24/7 for those in need of a temporary parking permit. These hang tags are free of charge and can be issued for up to 30 days. Additionally, the new electronic ticketing system allows for electronic temporary permits.

If a vehicle is parked in an unauthorized space on campus, you may call TCU Parking at 817-257-4200.

Information for each of these situations is conveniently broken down under drop down menus on our website.

Visitor passes are available at the Parking & Transportation office, located within the TCU Police Department building, 24/7 at no charge and may be issued to visitors for up to 30 days. Visitors may park in visitor lots and any other white-lined space on campus. For more, visit the website.

Parking citation fines can be charged to the employee account or paid with a credit/debit card on the TCU T2 Parking Portal website, From the website, sign into your TCU T2 Parking Portal account or create a guest account if you do not have a TCU sign in. Follow the prompts to pay for any citations or other charges on your account. Read more on this topic.

TCU has four electric vehicle chargers. They are located in Lot 15 and Lot Res I. A study is also underway about electric vehicle charging on campus.

To view the upcoming 2023-2024 Tier Parking Lots click the map.